You Go, Glen Coco

10 mins




A delicious candy cane martini, that will bring you right back to your childhood (or high school) years! The little dash of cherry gives it that sweet, candy cane taste!


Crush up 2 candy canes to rim glass. You can use the classic simple syrup, but if you want to load up on the candy cane and make it look gorgeous, spread some vanilla icing around the rim and dip it into the crushed candy canes!

Add the following ingredients to a cocktail shaker:

  • 2oz vodka

  • 1oz Creme De Menthe

  • .5oz Dark Cherry Juice (or Grenadine)

  • .25oz Simple Syrup (or more if you like your cocktails sweet)

  • Optional drop of Peppermint Essential Oil

Shake until frosted, pour into cute glass with a couple of ice cubes and toss in a candy cane!

How to make


Candy Canes


Dark Cherry Juice (preferred), or grenadine

Simple Syrup

Optional Peppermint Essential Oil

Optional Vanilla Icing for Garnish