The Point of No Return

10 min




A take on a coffee martini that will be sure to perk you right up! The sweet Cafe Patron pairs with cinnamon, vodka, and cream to make you feel like a phantom no more!


Combine the following ingredients into cocktail shaker:

  • .5-1oz Cafe Patron

  • 2oz Vodka

  • Dash of Cinnamon

Shake until frosted, pour into martini glass.

  • Froth of use whisk to whip heavy cream with a dash of cinnamon. Do not over whip or cream will be too stiff. You want to be able to slowly spoon the cream on top of the cocktail. If you are using a non dairy creamer, you can combine with cinnamon and pour over a bar spoon to let it sit at the bottom of the cocktail.

How to make


Cafe Patron (or other coffee liqueur)


Heavy Cream (dairy froths better if you want it to float, but other non dairy creamers work well too!)